So you’re on your company’s Holiday Party Organization Committee, now what?

It’s that time of the year, the time where social committees across corporations begin thinking of their holiday parties.  Based on our previous years, we suggest booking a venue by the start of October in order to have a date which is convenient.  The venue is most likely the key element of your holiday party in Montreal.  Once you have a physical space, you can then begin to work with it.

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Plan your holiday party’s activities

Before thinking food and décor, plan what kind of activities you want to have throughout the evening.  Some of our clients opt for a quiet dinner-and-drinks event with a DJ to close the night, others prefer having live entertainment with games and trivia.  Our advice is to think what were some of the highlights from the previous years and figure out your audience.  We see a drop in attendance past midnight – most individuals are happy to spend the evening with coworkers but aren’t keen on going all out for the evening.  When dealing with a younger audience, a less formal dinner and more loosely planned entertainment seems to be key.  For example, we will often figure out a plan to cater to your management throughout the evening while saving the “club-like” experience for the sales team later in the evening.


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Work with your budget

You can host a great event no matter what the budget you are working with.  The major cost for an event is the alcohol.  On a tighter budget?  Choose a bring your own wine restaurant.  Want to prevent people from going overboard?  Try a holiday party on a Wednesday night.  Want to impress your guests?  The possibilities are endless.  The key is to not overstretch your finances.  Whatever you choose as a menu/activity/drink option, less is more.  In our years of planning events, it’s better to have less, although to have it done right after then the opposite.  It is these details which will wow your staff.  If you are able to set the right atmosphere and mood, the rest will fall into place.

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Have a good time

What makes or breaks the atmosphere of an event really is the mood of the host.  If you are in charge of organizing your holiday party; stay calm!   If you are stressed over logistics, your guests will feel it too.  In our 13 year’s experience in hosting corporate events in Montreal, we’ve always managed to turn every event into a success.  When dealing with professionals, you have nothing to worry about.  Having being open as one of Montreal’s hottest night clubs for over a decade, we have really seen it all.


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