Taking a different look at Montreal Wedding Reception Halls

Throughout the years, the Time Supper Club has hosted a number of weddings.  It might seem as an unusual choice to host a wedding inside a supper club although it will surely impress your guests.  Using Time as a reception hall in Montreal will add a twist on your special day.

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As we are known to be one of Montreal’s classic entertainment venues, our expertise in entertaining and impression groups of people is our promise to all couples to be.  Think of it this way, tell us the mood / atmosphere you are looking for and our team of event planners will create it.  From the versatility of our room’s arrangement to our visionary decorator, your wedding day is going to be as unique as your union.


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Your wedding is a day of celebration, of joy and love needed to be shared with your family and closest friends.  Our recipe for this, great food, flawless service, beautiful décor, great music and most of all, a flawless execution of the evening.  From our award-winning chef to our capacity for managing complex events, the goal is assuring you and your guests will have an evening to remember.  The process of planning a wedding begins with a thorough discussion about the vision by the groom and bride.  This is key is building the perfect event.  With the upcoming weeks, the party will have a chance to decide on the food options, décor selection and floral arrangements.  As this vision begins to create itself & the big day approaches, the excitement builds up.  The evening plan will be solidified – everything from entrance to the venue, introduction cocktail, ceremony, dinner and then how the evening party will pan out.  A popular option our married couples enjoy is using our gorgeous terrace as a guest cocktail pre-ceremony.  This also increases the excitement of walking into a completely luxuriously decorated main room where the evening will take place.


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Using a supper club might seem like an unorthodox choice for a wedding reception hall in Montreal, although with the expertise of our events planning team and the venue’s turn-key ready solution, it will surely impress your guests & leave your guests with outstanding memories of your special day.


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