How to market to SMB’s: Corporate events in Montreal

Networking is still the most effective B2B marketing strategy for small medium sized enterprises claims Kissmetrics. At Time, we can attest to this claim. Throughout the past decade of organizing events, the majority of our clients have either been reached out through networking events or by word of mouth.  In our case, we’ve jumped started our word of mouth through a successful (and quite fun) amount of years as one of Montreal’s hottest clubs, although we’ve always kept in touch with individuals involved in organizing these events.  Moreover, as our clients have grown up, we have as well.  Many have begun their own businesses and/or gone to work for small medium sized businesses.


Fact: Montreal has 55 565 micro businesses who have 1-4 employees & 51 609 small businesses which range between 5 – 99 employees. Source: Allies Canada


Networking’s true power lies when you are able to build relationships with these key individuals.  SMB’s can’t and should not complete with multi-nationals on advertising hence the majority report setting time aside for lead generation purposes. The key to effective networking is knowing how to include it in a B2B strategy.

IMG_3242 (800x533)



Here are some of our tips based on our experience.


  1. Know how to fit in networking in your marketing strategy.

Meeting people and shaking hands isn’t effective overnight. It’s a process that involves building relationships and that is time consuming.  We suggest focusing on a few key groups; for example the Montreal Chamber of Commerce or a professional association you are trying to connect with.


  1. Host a networking event in Montreal

We have many clients who host events for the people they would like to meet.  For example, you know most SMB’s in your industry are looking to meet new suppliers,  discuss recent tech developments or are looking to hire, create an event in partnership with your local professional association where you will invite all these businesses.


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  1. Get leads and feed them into your sales funnel

The goal of hosting an event is to general leads; contacts for which you will be sending off to your sales team in order to begin the process of converting them into sales.  Have a strategy at your corporate event to get these names/numbers.  This can simply be by shaking hands, although this might leave out some individuals.  The simplest and what seems to be a staple out of our experience has been contests where guests need to leave their businesses cards to be entered to win.

TimeWhite-42 (800x426)

Both for us and for our clients, we’ve seen the impact networking can have on one’s marketing efforts.  If you are interested in learning more about hosting a corporate event in Montreal, feel free to contact one of our event planners.  We’ll be glad to help you decide if Time is the right venue for your networking event.



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So you’re on your company’s Holiday Party Organization Committee, now what?

It’s that time of the year, the time where social committees across corporations begin thinking of their holiday parties.  Based on our previous years, we suggest booking a venue by the start of October in order to have a date which is convenient.  The venue is most likely the key element of your holiday party in Montreal.  Once you have a physical space, you can then begin to work with it.

8 (640x640)

Plan your holiday party’s activities

Before thinking food and décor, plan what kind of activities you want to have throughout the evening.  Some of our clients opt for a quiet dinner-and-drinks event with a DJ to close the night, others prefer having live entertainment with games and trivia.  Our advice is to think what were some of the highlights from the previous years and figure out your audience.  We see a drop in attendance past midnight – most individuals are happy to spend the evening with coworkers but aren’t keen on going all out for the evening.  When dealing with a younger audience, a less formal dinner and more loosely planned entertainment seems to be key.  For example, we will often figure out a plan to cater to your management throughout the evening while saving the “club-like” experience for the sales team later in the evening.


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Work with your budget

You can host a great event no matter what the budget you are working with.  The major cost for an event is the alcohol.  On a tighter budget?  Choose a bring your own wine restaurant.  Want to prevent people from going overboard?  Try a holiday party on a Wednesday night.  Want to impress your guests?  The possibilities are endless.  The key is to not overstretch your finances.  Whatever you choose as a menu/activity/drink option, less is more.  In our years of planning events, it’s better to have less, although to have it done right after then the opposite.  It is these details which will wow your staff.  If you are able to set the right atmosphere and mood, the rest will fall into place.

TimeEdit-6 (2) (640x418)

Have a good time

What makes or breaks the atmosphere of an event really is the mood of the host.  If you are in charge of organizing your holiday party; stay calm!   If you are stressed over logistics, your guests will feel it too.  In our 13 year’s experience in hosting corporate events in Montreal, we’ve always managed to turn every event into a success.  When dealing with professionals, you have nothing to worry about.  Having being open as one of Montreal’s hottest night clubs for over a decade, we have really seen it all.


Thinking of booking your next holiday party?   Give us a call to start discussing with us.




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Taking a different look at Montreal Wedding Reception Halls

Throughout the years, the Time Supper Club has hosted a number of weddings.  It might seem as an unusual choice to host a wedding inside a supper club although it will surely impress your guests.  Using Time as a reception hall in Montreal will add a twist on your special day.

2 (800x534)

As we are known to be one of Montreal’s classic entertainment venues, our expertise in entertaining and impression groups of people is our promise to all couples to be.  Think of it this way, tell us the mood / atmosphere you are looking for and our team of event planners will create it.  From the versatility of our room’s arrangement to our visionary decorator, your wedding day is going to be as unique as your union.


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8 (640x640)

Your wedding is a day of celebration, of joy and love needed to be shared with your family and closest friends.  Our recipe for this, great food, flawless service, beautiful décor, great music and most of all, a flawless execution of the evening.  From our award-winning chef to our capacity for managing complex events, the goal is assuring you and your guests will have an evening to remember.  The process of planning a wedding begins with a thorough discussion about the vision by the groom and bride.  This is key is building the perfect event.  With the upcoming weeks, the party will have a chance to decide on the food options, décor selection and floral arrangements.  As this vision begins to create itself & the big day approaches, the excitement builds up.  The evening plan will be solidified – everything from entrance to the venue, introduction cocktail, ceremony, dinner and then how the evening party will pan out.  A popular option our married couples enjoy is using our gorgeous terrace as a guest cocktail pre-ceremony.  This also increases the excitement of walking into a completely luxuriously decorated main room where the evening will take place.


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Using a supper club might seem like an unorthodox choice for a wedding reception hall in Montreal, although with the expertise of our events planning team and the venue’s turn-key ready solution, it will surely impress your guests & leave your guests with outstanding memories of your special day.


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The 5 Practices to be a Successful Entrepreneur in Networking Events in Montreal

The 5 Practices to be a Successful Entrepreneur in Networking Events in Montreal


Making a success of your business will never be easy, but by following these 5 business habits, you can set yourself up for success in the long run and guarantee that others will trust in your work.


  1. Networking with Purpose


Successful business people realize the importance of networking and know what they hope to achieve by doing it. Networking helps young entrepreneurs branch out into new schools of thought and become more innovative, while building valuable lasting connections that help them accomplish their goals in the long run.  Begin by finding the latest corporate events in Montreal and looking at which ones are available to the general public.   A good place to start is through Meet Up Groups.


  1. Setting Goals and Visualizing Success


The importance of clarifying and writing down business goals, objectives, and visions of success on a regular business cannot be stressed enough in the business world. It will put you in the mindset that you need in order to grow your business and advance your career. Try doing this at night or first thing in the morning to set out a game plan for your day.


  1. Mastering the Art of Conversation while Networking


There is nothing to gain by attending networking events if you cannot hold conversation with people at the event. It is a good idea to come prepared with at least 3 different conversation topics to use if you run out of things to say. Although the most important part of building lasting connections is listening attentively. Open-ended questions can help break the ice with other networkers, just be sure to pay close attention so you can keep the conversation moving.


  1. Following Up to Make the Connection Last


Following up is essential in turning people you’ve met into people you know. Whether its a phone call, text message, Facebook message, or email; invite them for coffee or send them some information relating to their interests to show them that you care about the connection. The most important part of networking is following through with what you tell everyone else you are good for, otherwise you will leave the impression of insincerity.

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  1. Practicing high-class business etiquette throughout all of your interactions


The best networkers practise good manners. They put people at ease with their strong etiquette skills by making introductions and including others in the conversation. When the conversation is ready to be closed, the polite networker already has a graceful exit line up their sleeve to close it off smoothly, along the lines of “It was so nice to meet you, but I don’t want to take up too much of your valuable time here. I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.”

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How hosting corporate events will help grow your leads

How hosting corporate events will help grow your leads

The idea of hosting a networking event can be a daunting task both in terms of the time and the money it takes to coordinate it. But if done successfully, there can be benefits and sizeable returns on investments for everyone involved. A well planned event with great guests and a well organized itinerary can be a great opportunity to meet valuable business partners and, in the end, assets to your business.


Continuous improvement is the driver of modern business. It is more important than ever to constantly be developing your products and services to offer your customers the best experience possible. Knowing how to improve can often be a challenge but networking events can offer a great opportunity to observe and learn from other companies.

By hosting the event, you are able to have control over the itinerary, organize the topics and speakers that will benefit you, and make sure the other guests are given valuable opportunities to learn and meet potential partners.

Though some smaller businesses may not have the resources or funds to put on a high caliber event, the potential return on investment that you could draw from the long term connections you can make at corporate events is invaluable.


You will also be able to gain valuable insight into the state of the industry, upcoming trends, and what the potential clients are looking for. It’s easy to ask questions to your guests, gather specific feedback, and learn what you need to do to better meet your customer’s needs.

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The potential to grow your connections, build partnerships, and increase your standing in the community are some of the most obvious benefits you can expect from hosting a conference. It is probably the best way to get a large number of potential clients together under one roof and get them all talking to each other. The best part is, they will already know your business name and you will have made a good first impression just by being the host and you will be more likely to make a strong, lasting connection with potential partners and clients.

Whatever your budget may be, the potential return on investment from hosting a networking event is easy to see. Take the time to organize it well and have a strong plan for the event and you might just be doing your business a favour in the long run.

Interested in hosting a corporate event?  Make sure to get in touch with one of our event planners for more details

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10 Tips for Success at Networking Events in Montreal

10 Tips for Success at Networking Events in Montreal


Over the course of the years, the Time Supper Club has hosted a number of networking events.  We’ve complied a list of the top tips we can give anyone looking to attend a networking event.  When you finally decided it was time to take the plunge and attend a corporate event in Montreal – you might find that you’re not exactly an expert in building long-term business connections. Networking is much more than simply showing up, enjoying food and drinks, and exchanging business cards. The goal at these events is to meet individuals, make a connection, leave lasting (positive) impression, and hopefully create a link in the business world to help you get that foot in the door.


  1. Set a Goal


Before going to the event, sit down and figure out what it is you wish to get out of the event. Whether you want to connect with new people or find a new job lead, it’s important to know what you want to accomplish ahead of time in order to stay focused and set yourself up for success.


  1. Dress to Impress


You have to dress like a professional to leave a strong first impression. Looking disorganized or too casual might not be the best way to start these long-term connections. Choose something that you feel comfortable in to give you that extra confidence boost. This can be very helpful in this type of social scene.Man-reading-a-newspaper-e1440023119255


  1. Bring Business Cards


The importance of having a professional and well-designed business card cannot be underestimated. Put in that little extra money and get a graphic designer to create a unique design for you that will have a lasting effect in making solid first impressions.


  1. Offer what you have before asking for favours.


Remember, almost everyone at these events are looking to make connections too. It’s a give and take so let people know what you have to offer instead of making those connections just for your own benefit.


  1. Build meaningful relationships


Business matters aside, don’t be afraid to get to know people on a personal level in order to really foster a valuable connection. This is crucial in establishing lasting business relationships. Showing sincerity and interest in your conversations will show others that you are a person worth getting to know.


  1. Take Notes


You won’t be able to remember every detail of the conversations you have so it can be helpful to write down the things you learn from others so you don’t forget them entirely. You can also write extra information on the back of others’ business cards about who they are and how you can connect with them in the future.

 IMG_3242 (800x533)

  1. Be Positive


Nothing is more refreshing than having a conversation with someone who seems really excited. Positive energy is infectious so surround yourself with positive people and good things will happen to you. No one wants to socialize with someone who only has negative things to say.


  1. Quality, not quantity.


The amount of connections you make is meaningless if you don’t establish quality, longstanding business connections that will benefit you in the future. So make sure the connections you’re making are ones that stand to actually help you in your career.

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  1. Consistency is Key


Attending events should be a regular occurrence if you really want to make serious progress in your career. It is essential to build up a list of contacts ahead of time rather than waiting until you’ve hit a dead end to search for leads.


  1. Listen First, Then Speak


Ask questions to the people you meet and learn about what they do and what services they can offer. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and their business so show how much you care by paying close attention.


Looking to host a corporate event in Montreal, get in touch with our event planning team.


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10 Types of People You Can Expect to Meet at a Networking Event in Montreal

To climb the professional ladder most people will tell you it’s all about who you know. Corporate networking events can be a great opportunity to establish lasting industry connections and meet your next business partner. Since everyone is encouraged to attend these events– a wide range of crazy characters are likely to be found. We’ve compiled a list of some of the types of people you can expect to meet at your next corporate event in Montreal and what you can expect from them.


  1. The Opportunity Seeker


Whether they’re in-between jobs, self-employed, or just can’t catch a break, this person is always on the hunt for the next opportunity. You can bet they’ll always have a business card on hand for you; always hungry to make their next business connection. Though this individual is great to meet and get inspired, they can be a little self-centered and might not be the best person for networking.


  1. The Entrepreneur


The Steve Jobs type – always coming up with the next big scheme, preparing their next pitch. This person is excited, this person is looking for ways to enhance their projects and take it the next level. This person eat, sleeps and breaths the Hustle…What’s that you say? YOU want to invest in the next big get-rich-quick scheme? Though Steve Jobs was one in a million keep a close eye on these entrepreneurs because business plan might just be the big thing.

Businessman standing in office looking out

  1. The Suit


They probably came out of the womb in a 3-piece Armani. It is all about the surface stuff with these people, if you look good – chances are they’ll be your best friend. However, if you’re wearing last seasons shoes you might have a harder time to get them to actually listen to the things you have to say. Be carefully not to breathe too heavily around them or you’ll be footing their next dry cleaning bill and don’t be offended if they scoff when you arrive in shorts and sandals.


  1. The Phone Addict


Communication technology has allowed business and corporate life to progress in ways we never could imagine. Though we’re more connected than ever we’re paradoxically more disconnected as well. It’s a wonder they manage to hold a conversation without even glancing up from their screen. They haven’t made eye-contact with anyone since they arrived but you can bet they’ve already added you on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Though it’ll be easy to stay connected to this individual however the chances of them remembering you by anything other than your profile photos is quite unlikely.

 Businessman On Park Bench With Coffee Using Mobile Phone

  1. The Event Host


This person is the one running around making sure your drink is topped up and that you are meeting that one guy from that one company you’re just going to love. The puppet master behind this whole rendezvous, don’t be fooled by their cool, calm, and collected facade. Deep down inside, they’re having a level 10 meltdown ensuring this event runs smoothly. This person is a great connection to have, since they’re the ones who got all these people together in the first place.

By the way, that would be us 🙂

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  1. Motor Mouth


It seems innocent at first, someone approaches you and you start to notice that they’re super outgoing, next you realize they have a lot of opinions, and just as you miss your chance to exit the encounter you realize that they have no intention of ending the conversation – ever.  Once this person engages you in conversation, they may not stop. You might just end up hostage as they explain every detail of their plan to launch the next big social media platform. You can always fake a trip to the bathroom to get out of this one, but chances are they’ll find you again.


  1. The Drunk


It can be nice to loosen up and have a beer to help the conversations flow, but this person takes it a bit too far. They definitely won’t remember any of the connections they made. They may not remember the people they’ve spoken to but they’ve made a lasting impression (though they probably wish they didn’t). It’s best to keep your distance from this person if you see they’ve been anchored to the bar all night. Whether it be due to nerves or pure excitement of an open bar this person is going to have some regrets.user-1687175-2016-03-08-09-33-17


  1. The Self-Absorbed Ego


Similar to The Opportunity Seeker and The Suit all conversation somehow ends up being about them. They can’t stop talking about their latest achievements and don’t expect them to ask you about yours. While the main purpose of networking is to establish industry connections, this person can’t seem to grasp that interactions are a two-way street and that this isn’t a job interview. They can’t get over of the spotlight or bother to consider learning about anyone else in the room.


  1. The Model Being Paid to Attend


They don’t even know how to operate the product they are demoing or how to pronounce the company name, but you’re too busy staring at them to catch a word of what they said.


  1. The Keynote Speaker


Remember the class nerd from school? These master of all trades run the show at events like these. They are tech-savvy gurus – always two steps ahead of the trends. Listen to this person, make a connection if you can, and don’t forget to ask questions.


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10 Tips for Throwing the Best Corporate Christmas Party in Montreal

Throwing a corporate event in Montreal to celebrate the holidays is a nice way to treat your employees but organizing a corporate Christmas party that will really show how much your company really appreciates them can be a daunting task. We’ve assembled our top 10 tips to ensure that your Corporate Christmas party will be a hit and remembered for years to come.


  1. Christmas Photo-shoot

Setup a Christmas-themed backdrop with Santa/elf hats, fake beards, and speech bubbles with your favorite Christmas catch phrases. Get creative with this one! Your guests will love the instant memories they get to take home and it’s a great way to get the shy one’s of the office to let loose!



  1. DIY Chandlier

Repurpose a broken umbrella into a unique chandelier. Paint the frame of the umbrella and twist Christmas lights around it. This is the easiest way to get that mystical feel that any Pinterest follower will die for. Hang multiple around the room from the ceiling and voila, the ultimate Christmas wonderland decoration!



  1. Christmas Party Aroma

They say smell is the strongest of the senses, and that a little goes a long way – Simmer vanilla, lemon, and rosemary on a stove and place decorative bottles of your Christmassy potion around the room to really make the party feel like the holiday season. Send people back to Christmas at their grandparents with this sweet and spicy aroma!



  1. Christmas Beverages

Let’s be real here, the best part of your corporate Christmas party is the drinks! Make it extra special and create festive cocktails everyone will be raving about for weeks. With the peppermint martini and cosmopolitans with a candy cane hanging off the side, your guests will feel that sugar rush excitement of Christmas they remember so well. Green and Red Jell-O shots can also be a little incentive for people to really let lose and enjoy their night


  1. Christmas in a Jar

By placing model pine trees in tiny mason jars, you can create the perfect Christmas in the bottle effect decoration. Hang this around the room or place them on tables for that extra special little touch of holiday magicPicture14

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Whether they admit it or not, everyone has t


hat ugly Christmas sweater in the back of their closet. Encourage your guests to bring the sweaters for the Ugly Sweater parade where everyone shows off their worst of the worst. The one with the ugliest sweater receives a gift basket at the end of the evening.

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  1. Secret Santa Gift Exchange (Pink Elephant Edition)

Because everyone loves surprises, and everyone has a competitive side. This is secret Santa with a twist – everyone draws a number, number one picks a gift out of the designated gift area, then number two either picks a gift from the pile as well or has the option to steal number one’s gift this goes on until everyone has their turn! This gives the classic secret Santa game a little mischievous twist.


  1. Santa Limbo

Get your guests moving with a fun game with a holiday feel. The classic game of limbo is played, however, your guests are forced to use a pillow to create a Santa belly either under their shirts or tied around their waist.


Let everyone see how hard Old Saint Nick really has it with that big bowl full of jelly.


  1. Cookie Exchange

Each guest brings enough small cookie packages to exchange one with every other guest at the party and every guest leaves with a little bit of everything! They can also bring copies of the recipe to give out as well.


  1. Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Have a station of professional gingerbread house decorators there to entertain and amaze your gift. Add an extra house for your guests to contribute to engage everyone. Create an auction for the beautiful homes for charity, in the spirit of giving



We recommend booking your corporate Christmas party about 4-5 months in advance.  If you want to have any of these ideas incorporated into your Christmas party, contact our event planning team.

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Top 10 Party Themes for Your Corporate Event in Montreal 

Now that summer has arrived, its time to get the office together, enjoy some drinks on the nearest terrace, and throw a themed corporate event to celebrate and get everyone into the summer spirit. With an infinite number of themes, you could choose, corporate event planning can be tough. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 trendy party themes to get you inspired for the summer season.


  1. Disco Fever

 Hang up the Disco Ball, lace up the platform shoes, and throw on the bellbottoms because its time to get groovy and bust a move. Everyone will be feelin’ the funk as you relive sounds of the Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire, and Lionel Richie. Black-lights, Lava-lamps and beanbag chairs will set the mood and your guests will be dancing until the sun comes up.


  1. Rock & Roll

 Throw on a long wig, ripped jeans, and come ready to show off your air guitar skills. Rock out to your favourite Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix tunes and get ready to get seriously righteous. Party on, Wayne!


  1. Casino Royale

 Poker, Blackjack, Craps; hit the jackpot or blow it all! Give door prizes to the players with the most chips at the end of the night. Don’t forget to order your drinks – shaken, not stirred.


  1. Ancient Roman Toga Party

 Wrap yourself in a bed sheet, bust out the sandals, and throw an ivy wreath on your head. Your guests will be letting loose and chanting the night away. Aren’t half-naked parties the best kind of parties?


  1. Great Gatsby

 Get snazzy in your finest attire, hire a catering team to spread the hors d’œuvres, and pop the champagne. Its time to show off your class by donning your finest suits, dresses, and ornate jewelry. Hire a jazz band to really sweep your guests off their feet. This will be a night to remember.

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  1. Jungle Safari

 This theme provides a wide range of costumes. Do you want to dress like a Safari Explorer, the Jungle Man, or your favourite exotic animal? The choices are endless.


  1. Superhero

 Its time to save the world people! Slap on that latex and get in your bat-mobiles and come dressed as your favourite superhero. Come prepared to save the day because anything could happen at this party.


  1. Glow in the Dark

 Break out the glow sticks, black-lights, and tell your guests to wear white for a night of illumination. Hand out glow in the dark pens and encourage your guests to sign each others clothing for the perfect souvenir. Throw some glow in the dark stickers and posters on the walls and blast off into deep space. Serve drinks with tonic water and watch as they illuminate as well!


  1. Zombie Apocalypse

Make everyone’s biggest fear they’re best night ever! Have makeup artists covering your guests in fake blood, scars, and blackened eyes. Cover your white table cloths and drapes in splattered red paint and prepare to be spooked.


  1. Mexican Fiesta

Nothing says summer like a Fiesta! It’s time for sombreros and margaritas – oh? Did someone say Guacamole?! Tacos, Nachos and other delicious treats will be sure to keep your guests happy while they dance the night away to Mariachi music. Don’t forget the ice cold margarita to beat the summer heat.


Keep in mind you can always have any of these parties right here at Time 



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Brody Jenner DJing at Time Supper Club for Grand Prix Weekend

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Montreal you know the best part is Grand Prix. The city is a’buzz, the sun is out, and temperatures are rising – everyones excited and looking for the best events. The hype that comes with Grand Prix weekend also brings with it amazing events and even more amazing clubs. Restaurants, stores, and of course, the Grand Prix races offer a wide range of excitement to entertain the entire city.

When you hear the name Brody Jenner, you think the prince of partying. This year Montreal is lucky enough to have Brody Jenner hosting the grand opening of Time Supper clubs new restaurant and club: Le Pink Flamingo. Brody Jenner will be DJing live at Time Supper Club on Friday,June 10th as well as on Saturday,June 11th at Le Pink Flamingo to celebrate the clubs new opening. With his crazy beats and rowdy presence Brody Jenner is sure to mark Le Pink Flamingo as one of the best nightclubs in Montreal just like its big sister Time Supper Club. This grand prix weekend is sure to be the perfect start to Montreal summer nightlife.

On top of life music provided by Brody Jenner at  Time Supper Club there will be a runway show by fashion house SACHIKA .Backed by  Belvedere Vodka, LocalB, and Moet & Chandon Champagne, Brody Jenner’s Grand Prix weekend will be sure to be a couple nights to remember . Call 514-392-9292 for Reservations.

The opening of the new venue as well as Brody Jenner’s visit is sure to bring a fresh and exciting vibe to the nightlife of the Old Port of Montreal. Putting on events of this calibre is sure to set Time Supper Club among the best nightclubs in Montreal.

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